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Belarusian music - a special kind of art, which is the essence of national identity and flavor of the Belarusian people. This creative direction takes its history since the time of the existence of such peoples as the Eastern Slavs. It is with their military begins its life Belarusian songs. They carried the full diversity of life and culture of the people. These songs are the soul of each, a symbol of unity and liberty.

Love, joy, sadness, melancholy - Belarusian music is an indicator of the state of mind of the people. It is more than just a harmonious combination of instruments and voices. It carries the feelings, experiences and emotions. The song is able to give strength and hope.

The main feature of the Belarusian folk music is the variety of folk motifs. They were accompanied by people during their lifetime, and only they are able to pass all nature of the Belarusian people.

To date, there are few creative teams who currently have continued to praise the traditions and identity of this culture. And one of these associations are the National Academic Folk Choir of the Republic of Belarus to them. GI Tsitovich.

Folk Chorus named Tsitovich not only saves Comments and revives in his art traditions and culture of their ancestors, but also enables the modern listener to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the time, the period and the life. Each program statement is a synthesis of song, dance and ritual actions. This combination has an incredibly colorful and showy, in which the emotional comparable to a full theatrical performance.

Crystal voices national motifs, rites and lively folk dance - all this combines Choir. GI Tsitovich. Thanks to them, traditional Belarusian songs have a new life, new listeners and fans. Culture continues to live as long as there are such a team.