Drinevsky Michael Pavlovich was born on February, 12th, 1941 in Tonezh village, Gomel area. Having musical abilities distinct from the nature, M.P.Drinevsky at age of 13 years has started to work as head of chorus "Trud" in village Tonezh. 


In 1959 he enteread the Gomel musical school which he finished in 1963. During his M.P.Drinevsky's study, he worked with the national chorus of village Pribytki Gomel oblast, to children chorus the Palace of Pioneers in Gomel. In 1963 M.P.Drinevsky entered the Belarus State conservatory, http://dpost.ru/A.V.Lunacharskogo, after which he was directed to work in the Minsk musical school. Since 1973 - the main chorus master, and since 1975 - the art director of State chorus of BSSR. 

 Drinevsky Michael Pavlovich:

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The conductor, the specialist in folklore, the ethnographer, the big expert on a folk music Michael Pavlovich Drinevsky processed and enriched a art process, he generated highly professional national collective.

All it, certainly, promoted professional growth of actors of chorus, strengthening the authority of national musical school. M.P.Drinevsky continues to develop the traditions which have been put in pawn by the founder of chorus Mr. G.I.Tsitovich, is original interpreting national songs (it it is made more than 50 arrangements and processings).

The chorus repertoire makes authentic folklore of different times and region remakes of Belarusian national songs, masterpieces of the Belarusian composers and, what is more a sacred music. The wide creative range allows to capture the subjects of national and author's products of different nations. But the Belarusian song in all its cleanliness, primary beauty and riches, takes a leading place in chorus repertoires. Popularization of the Belarusian national song - one of priority directions in work of the art director of collective. Under the guidance of M.P.Drinevskogo in chorus have grown and have received honorary titles of honored artists of Byelorussia and honored workers of art of Byelorussia of 21 persons.

The national chorus under the guidance of M.P.Drinevsky bears the mark of Belarusian song arts and represents it at high professional level in our country, and outside Belarus. Concert programs change, there is a new repertoire, but invariable there is an art to collective which always aspires to love of the spectator, is honorable bears a national song, dance and music to people.

In 2002 for high achievements in a direction of is musical-choral art the State academic chorus of Byelorussia G.I.Tsitovicha's of name was awarded the Honorary title "National" which assignment became new stimulus for the further creative development of collective. It confirms successful performance in 2003 at the International festival of church music in Poland where the collective has won a rank of the winner and has received festival Grand prix. Today the National academic chorus of Byelorussia G.I.Tsitovicha's of name under the guidance of M.P.Drinevsky is the recognised leader of national choral art in our country, the present creative laboratory, to collectors and keepers of the national inheritance of the Belarus people. Its card at the international cultural level. To the 60 anniversary M.P.Drinevsky film director V.Orlovym shooted video film "As I will go by the way", in what reflected the basic stages of its creative activity, as head of leading Musical collective.

The film name is taken from the Belarusion national song in M.P.Drinevsky processing. Pile self-denying work, a conscientious attitude to M.P.Drinevsky's business submits a vivid example of service to Fatherland, Belarusian song to art. M.P.Drinevsky was repeatedly awarded by the state awards and honorary titles: "the Honored worker of arts BSSR" (1978), the winner of state award BSSR (1982), an award of the Working Red Flag (1986), "National actor BSSR" (1987), medal Francisko Skarini (1990), award Francisko Skarini (2002).

M.P.Drinevsky is the professor of chair choral conduct the Belarus academy of music, the head of managements of the Belarusian union of musical figures, a member of committee on assignment of the State awards in a literature and art direction.

Since 1995 – the head of republican Jury of Vsebelorussky festival of national cultures. The national chorus under the guidance of M.P.Drinevskogo at high professional level represents Belarus art, as in our country, and behind its borders.


Mikhail Pavlovich Drinevsky on stage:

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