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Our mission is to safeguard spiritual treasures of the homeland.

 Folk music arts are synthetic by nature – this is an organic fusion of song, dance and music. There’s a move to the song, and dance comes out of singing, and rites seem truly theatrical. Which is why each choir act comes not as a concert but as a show. The choir programme is full of various singing, instrumental and dancing acts which demonstrate a wealth of display, emotional and psychological assessments of the national arts (lyrical breadth, dramatic pathos, and wit).

 «Folk song - our spiritual history, our sanctuary. Our root. In word of mouth, from heart to heart, through many hundreds of years has come to today is a miracle. Our goal - to collect together all the best there is in the treasury of the Belarusian national musical culture, and give him a new life stage. After all, musical art has tremendous power effects. It brings joy to people, awakens in them a sense of beauty. Love a good song, good music - it is a true friend of man. It makes it a kinder, cleaner, fairer…»

M. P. Drinevsky

 There’s no way you tell the song, it’s all about hearing!